The Tennessee Toffee Co. began well before the first batch was ever made. It started almost 40 years ago around the holidays when my dad would bring home this little white candy box tied with a red & white string. He was an elementary teacher and the janitor and his wife made homemade toffee once a year and sold it to all the teachers in the school to raise money for their Christmas shopping. It was a labor of love and we counted down the months until we saw dad get out of his car with that box. One year, the box didn’t come. The man’s wife fell ill and they quit making their signature toffee. To me, Christmas felt a little less festive that year. From that day on, I vowed to perfect the recipe that haunted my dreams. After years of trial and error, I’m excited to share with you the new TTC Original Milk Chocolate Toffee! Its tastes like Christmas and love mixed into a decadent bit of nutty goodness. From there, friends and family starting ideating on ways ‘they’ thought it could improve. “Lets make it without nuts.” “Lets try no chocolate.” “I enjoy dark chocolate better” the ideas were endless and the TN Toffee Co. was born.