The Tennessee Toffee Co. began well before the first batch was ever made. It started almost 40 years ago around the holidays when Sarah’s dad would bring home a little white candy box tied with a red & white string. He was an elementary teacher and the janitor and his wife made homemade toffee once a year and sold it to raise money for their Christmas shopping. It was a labor of love and they counted down the months until they saw their dad get out of his car with that box. One year, the box didn’t come. The man’s wife fell ill and they quit making their signature toffee. Christmas felt less festive that year. From that day on, Sarah and her mom Cindy vowed to perfect the recipe that haunted their dreams. After years of trial and error, they’re excited to share with you the new TTC Original Milk Chocolate Toffee! It tastes like Christmas, hugged by a decadent layer of nutty goodness. Although the holiday season is by far the biggest time of the year for toffee, they stay busy year-round with wholesale orders and developing seasonal flavors. Check out for the latest flavors and pricing. Thank you for supporting this small business.

*If you have any nut allergies, please refrain from ordering. Toffee is made in a kitchen with nuts.